Enhance Our World More Green

AEIPLUS Inc. has our own recycling facility and wide carrier partners around the US, we can arrange collection of your scarps from wherever you are. Here below is a general description of our recycling processes:
Step1: Evaluation
We ask for sample to evaluate at the beginning, and then we visit your facility to further evaluation materials and discuss how to work out the best solution to meet your needs.
Step 2: Collection and Delivery
Set up an agreed schedule to pick up and haul away the materials regularly. We accept all recyclable materials in a mixed loaded. The waste will be delivered to our warehouse for further process.
Step 3: Sort
The materials in mixed loaded will be sorted and separated by category and grade at our warehouse for further recycling process.
Step 4: Shred/Grind and Bale 
We have equipments to shred/grind the materials that the clients require to destroy completely. We bale the bulky, loose, light and soft materials into a more effective bundle.